I like happy and joyful things.
I want my life to be a fabulous one.

... this blog is (300) of my wish lists and trajectories making my dream reality . My dreams and wishes are from big to pretty small one, please enjoy this blog and I hope you introduce my favorite things into your life.


2. Going to overseas / 海の向こうへ行く

2. Going to overseas / 海の向こうへ行く

I've been interested in going to foreign countries for a long time, so I decided to go there when I become a university student. Finally, my dream came true before 19 years old.
My first visit to overseas was Auckland, in New Zealand! This country is so beautiful and has a rich natural environment.
私は小さい時から海外に行きたいという希望がずーっとあって、だけどなかなかそんな機会もないまま時間は過ぎ、「大学生になったら行こう」と決めていました。 そしてついに大学1年生19歳の夏休みに初海外!行先はニュージーランドでした。豊かな自然に満ちた美しい国。

I stayed for about a month by my university's study program and went to the language school everyday. Thus I often did sightseeing and attended my favorite ice cream shop. ( Kiwi people love ice cream)
I and lovely my host family have a good relationship, thanks to them I could experience different cultural life from Japan.
I thought anyway you should leave from your country once though you have little bit fear or worry. It must be a good first step to the next challenge and surely it became a precious experience like me.

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